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We understand your needs, hatch a plan and deliver by creating a bespoke team of specialists.

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Integrated Marketing & Communications

A consistent message is crucial when working across diverse and complex projects.  SL PR can take all of your activities, from advertising to media relations to internal communications to ensure that there is  a consistent message that supports your overall strategy.


We immerse ourselves in property, architecture, construction and design. We combine strong policy expertise with a deep understanding of the media to convey the right message at the right time. We help develop communications strategies and messaging, to secure the best results. Ensuring our clients’ views are heard in traditional media, on television and across social media.


Media Relations

Creating a proactive media strategy for you. We write press releases, monitor audience reaction, line up speaking opportunities, interviews and press conferences. Our goal is to generate positive coverage of your company and projects. We will identify the optimum way to use the media through procurement to delivery and beyond. Key to our media relations campaign is to generate ‘hooks’ to draw in the right audiences to further the goals of the project.

Community Relations

Community engagement is vital to develop a projects relationship with the local (and not-so-local) community and stakeholders. We identify the communities, get people interested, corral their thoughts and bring them on the journey. Success depends on our understanding of how people in the community think and act, and how best to engage with them.  Whether running events or writing newsletters, we are organised, intuitive, enthusiastic and strategic.

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We see a brand as a name, design, or any other feature that identifies your work. It is the combination of physical and emotional cues that are triggered when exposed to the name, the logo, the visual identity, or even the message communicated. SL PR is able to co-ordinate the branding strategy and identity as well as the digital strategy, web design and copy for marketing and promotional purposes.

Public Affairs

Large projects often require a level of public affairs PR, or lobbying, to persuade parts of government, legislators and regulatory agencies to support the scheme. SL PR can advise and co-ordinate this work that can be incredibly sensitive and delicate.


Corporate & Social Responsibility

Related to community engagement, there is PR that highlights a company’s reputation for ethics, environmental responsibility, community and charity works. We work with you to ensure that these significant areas are continually improved.

Project Size & Complexity

SL PR is truly scalable. We tackle large and complex projects to individual homes. All require a high level of efficiency through preparation, procurement and delivery. Intriguing types and numbers of stakeholders and delicate planning issues and schemes require well thought out PR solutions. We can provide the continuity and consistency across the panacea of communication activities and disciplines to ensure a project, whatever the size, has the very best chance of success.

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